Environment & Weather

Thailand by UTMB® races take place around Doi Inthanon National Park which is located in the highest mountain in Thailand, from 400 meters to 2,060 meters above sea level, with some remote areas (roads, telecommunications etc.). The event organized during the last week of October each year, normally a period of transition from the hot rainy season to the dry winter conditions. The first edition of Thailand by UTMB® was affected from Typhoon “MOLAVE” causing continuous rain and strong wind. However, a day after the event was a bright sunny day.

Advice along the route:

  • If you lose sight of the way-markers: turn round and go back to the previous marker
  • Stay on the paths

Rest Area & Sleeping BIB

Sleep Sign
Aid stations with the sign has reserved area for fatigue runners. Rest areas are available at aid stations for a few moments sleep. It is dangerous to stop to sleep alone in open country. Fatigue and the lack of vigilance can be the cause of an accident. Run within your limits (above all over the first part) keeping your energy for later to surmount difficult situations which may arise such as a sudden change of weather conditions.

Runners may use sleep race-bib (to be found in your race-bib envelope) you can rest without being disturbed.

Aid stations with rest area are as follows:

  • Inthanon 6: A5 Khun Puai Villange, A8 Thep Chetiyachan Temple, A10 Mae Klang Luang Village, A11 Pha Thung Millitary Base, A13 Mae Uam Water Resource Management Office, A14 Mae Chaem Security Guard Unit
  • Inthanon 5: A1 Pha Mon Village, A10 Mae Klang Luang Village, A11 Pha Thung Military , A13 Mae Uam Water Resource Management Office, A14 Mae Chaem Security Guard Unit

Alert in case of Emergency



The app is an interface reference for your security, while at the same time giving you precious information about the race (follow your race and that of your friends in real time). In the case of SOS, this function sends, via text message, your GPS position to the organization. This represents a precious time gain in getting help to you. Attention however, it will not be a substitute for phoning the race HQ (PC Course)

A mobile/cell phone is mandatory:

With the international optional activated throughout the duration of the race, with the battery in working order. In no circumstances put your phone in airplane mode because we need to be able to contact you before, during and after the event. Smartphones are highly recommended for using the LiveRun by LiveTrail® app which is indispensable for your safety. For runners who are going to be running for more than 15 hours, an external battery is strongly recommended. Check that the number that you have given us as an emergency contact number is that of the person who you wish to be contacted in the case of a problem.
Very important: In order to improve any medical intervention in the case of an incident, verify that you have submitted, on your runners’ page (together with the country code – if any), the telephone number that you will be using during the race. You can update it until 1 week prior to your race.