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Known under the name of LiveTrail, this application has proved its worth amongst accompanying persons on the ground. Searches for runners, estimates of times of passage, following the race leader. With LiveInfo you have, in your pocket, an information post and more. It is the optimum means for following your runners along the route but also from a distance.

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Accompanying Zone

The runners, upon registering, have committed to respecting the regulations. Those accompanying them must do likewise to avoid putting them in the wrong with regard to their commitments. Reminder: running beside a participant outside of the zones, which are labelled as such in the proximity of the refreshment posts, is strictly forbidden and exposes the runner to a penalty of between 15 and 10 minutes. Concretely this penalty engenders a regression in the ranking and for certain runners it is the risk of not being within the time limit. Be careful not to confuse the zone of accompaniment (several hundred meters before and after each refreshment post, limits of which are clearly marked) with the zone of assistance (the area of the aid stations reserved for this use). One could state that in the accompaniment zone you may only be accompanied not assisted!

Support Area

Personal assistance is tolerated only at certain aid stations, in the zone specifically reserved for this use, upon the presentation of an "Assistance" ticket and upon the agreement of the chief of aid stations. This assistance can only be assured by one single person, without specific equipment other one than one bag of a volume of 30 litres maximum. Assistance given by a team professional, or any other professional person, medical or paramedical – even if they are a parent - is strictly forbidden.

Here are the only aid stations where you may receive assistance from family or friends. Only family type assistance is tolerated. All assistance at any other aid stations along the route is forbidden.

  • Inthanon 6: A2 Luang Phatthana Ban Khun Wang School, A8 Thep Chetiyachan Temple, A10 Mae Klang Luang Village, A14 Mae Chaem Security Guard Unit, A15 Relic of the Buddha
  • Inthanon 5: A2 Luang Phatthana Ban Khun Wang School, A10 Mae Klang Luang Village, A14 Mae Chaem Security Guard Unit, A15 Relic of the Buddha
  • Inthanon 3: A14 Mae Chaem Security Guard Unit, A15 Relic of the Buddha

It is forbidden at all other aid stations, as well as at any other point of the race route.

  • Inthanon 1 and 10K: no assistance is allowed at any point throughout the race


At the request of the elite runners, we would like to remind you that it is essential that they are left to run serenely. Please help ensure that their unique preoccupation is the management of their effort:

  • Respect their race space so that they can run without being hampered
  • Avoid crowding around a runner so as not to disturb them in their progression and concentration.
  • Protect their tranquility and the equity of the race

Avoid Crowding

The organizer will arrange shuttle services to aid stations with assistance-allowed.