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Thailand by UTMB® 2021 - Race postponement announcement and options for athletes.

Following the announcement from the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) in Thailand, lockdown measures have been put in place to help tackle the 3rd and 4th wave of the coronavirus epidemic within the country. These measures were put in place after registrations opened for Thailand by UTMB® in April 2021, meaning athletes within Thailand have been unable to train and maintain their fitness.

From September 1, 2021, these lockdown measures have been relaxed to allow some activities to be carried out. Inter-provincial and international travel has also been relaxed gradually, The latest announcement from Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on September 28, 2021 suggested that quarantine measures for those travelling into Thailand have also been reduced to the minimum of 7 days if they have vaccine certificates. There are plans for reopening several provinces on the 1st of November 2021, Bangkok and Chiangmai included, under the tourism pilot scheme.

The organizing committee has carefully considered the implementation of government measures and while taking into account the well-being of all those involved in the event, including athletes, referees, volunteers/staff, and the community. We have also consulted with government officials and stakeholders around key issues including vaccinations, training, travelling, etc.

For the health and safety of all participants, the organizing committee of Thailand by UTMB® therefore deems it appropriate to postpone the event from the original date of 28-31 October 2021 to 9-12 December 2021.
There will be processes in place for screening participants reflective of the situation at that time (e.g. participants must be vaccinated, and pass rapid covid test or ATK, etc.)

The organizing committee understands that the postponement of the event will affect some athletes. Therefore, we would like to offer the following options to athletes who have registered for Thailand by UTMB®:

Option 1: Athletes compete in the event at the new dates in December 2021. In this case, all conditions remain the same. .If an athlete wishes to increase or decrease their race distance, please see the details on Postponement FAQ.

Option 2: Athletes wish to defer their application to Thailand by UTMB® 2022, to be held 27-30 October 2022.

Option 3: Athletes wish to cancel their registration. They will receive a full refund of the registration fee (including applicants who did not purchase cancellation insurance).
Note: Applicants who wish to cancel and request a refund who have received a gift during the application period (shirt or headband), be refunded minus the costs of the shirt (450 baht) or headband (650 baht).

Confirmation of the options available will be described in detail in an email directly to athletes. Athletes choices will be processed will via Running Connect or the LiveTrail system until 15 October 2021.

Postponement Q&A

1. Can I still apply for Thailand by UTMB®?

Yes, Thailand by UTMB® is still opened for applications in all distance categories.

2. Can I change the race distance?

For athletes who opt for Option 1 to participate on December 9-12, 2021 and wish to increase or decrease the distance of the race, the organizing committee has special offers which are:

  • Increase the distance. This can be done by paying the difference of the application fee.
  • Reduce the distance. This can be done without receiving the difference.

3. When is the deadline for making decision?

Applicants must decide to postpone, transfer to 2022, cancel or change their race distance by Sunday 15 October 2021 via the platform they applied, Running Connect or Live Trail.

4. I have no qualifying points, or my points has expired. Does that mean I cannot join the race?

The requirement of qualifying points is to assure that the athletes have adequate experience for participating in the race. It is for the safety of the athletes themselves. The organizing committee understands the situation very well. Therefore, the qualifying points is waived only for Thailand by UTMB® 2021 application. The athletes should study the race information and have adequate training.

5. I have already booked my plane and accommodation. What should I do?

The organizing committee suggest you contact the operators/service providers to postpone your travel arrangements. However, the organizing committee will coordinate with Chiang Mai Province to request further cooperation from the operators, in the event the applicants have difficulty with postponement.

6. I’m not sure about the pandemic. Will there be a new outbreak near the race day? Will the event really be held?

The health and safety of athletes, judges, volunteers/staff and community is the first priority of the organizing committee. The new schedule is approx. 60 days to go, which is a relatively long time to confirm the situation. However, the organizing committee will closely monitor the situation and propose measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that are appropriate for that situation to the CCSA and the Chiang Mai Provincial Disease Control Committee to screen participants (e.g. requiring participants to be vaccinated, submitting evidence of rapid covid test : ATK, etc.) DHMTT preventive measures (D : Distancing means keeping distance between each other, M : Mask Wearing, wearing a cloth mask/hygienic mask all the time, H : Hand Washing, washing your hands often T : Testing is to check body temperature before entering the event T : Thai Cha Na is check-in through the application "Thai Chana") By that time, if it is not appropriate to organize, the event there will be a further announcement with similar options.

7. I will be traveling from abroad. When the new competition schedule is approaching if quarantine regulations are still required upon arrival and/or re-entry to my country, can I cancel or postpone my application at that time?

It is recommended that you choose to postpone, option 2. At the time of the event, if you can travel across the country, please contact the administrator. The organizing committee will support you with this.